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We use real-life examples based on our experience - theory is fine and good - but don't forget real-life!

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If you have a project or contract need and are not sure of the process or what it means - contact us and we'll look at creating a course on TD-iQ for you

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Making use of modern technology is a key component of TD-iQ, web, mobile, on the go or in the office!

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Unlike other learning providers - we are software, process and specification agnostic - this means you get neutral advice and guidance - not a specific self-interest biased slant on the world of tech data.

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Learn tech data the modern way!

TD-iQ is about fitting in with your day. Keeping current with modern standards and specifications as well as understanding best practice, software and process is vital to delivering your project, client and customer needs. TD-iQ is all about independent and agnostic tutorials to help you develop skills within your portfolio and demonstrate to those that matter that you have the required know-how and skills.


We make it fun!

Tech Data and the discipline of tech data can be dry, we use modern and colorful training methods to deliver you material with personality and not dry presentations that switch you off within a few minutes of watching. With TD-iQ we engage you in the course and make you want to learn!

Some examples of our courses

What could you learn on TD-iQ?

Introduction to ASD S1000D

A full course looking at the history and theory behind ASD S1000D

The S1000D Data Module

A close look at the S1000D Data Module, how it is constructed, identified and managed

Understanding the S1000D Data Module Code

A full breakdown of the DMC and how you should best use it

Version control

How S1000D modules are version controlled and managed

An Introduction to S1000D Business Rules

The role of S1000D Business Rule, how they work and the process for producing the rules

Legacy Data Conversion

A full course looking at a process of legacy data conversion, tools used and some common issues to avoid

An Introduction to Structured Authoring

A full course looking at structured authoring and structured languages, how they work and why it differs from traditional production methods

Understanding the S1000D Management Lists

S1000D has management lists, how do you use them, when to use them and why can be a little confusing. On this course we look at the different management lists (DMRL, CSL etc) and look at their appropriate use.

Some of the features of TD-iQ

We know technical information and we know how to make it fun!


Mobile friendly design

TD-iQ is mobile friendly and works cross platform.


Track your skills

You can track the courses you've done and view the results of any exams you've taken.


Save time and money

No more expensive classroom based courses that are lost the moment it's over! Take our courses over and over - keep fresh and current.


Request a course

Have a client need or technical requirement that you do not fully understand? Then ask us and we'll look at producing a course for you!


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

Can I join as an individual??

Yes you can, we have many self-employed tech data professionals on the TD-iQ platform

Can I spread the payment?

Please contact us and we'll discuss your needs

Can I download the courses?

Right now the TD-iQ platform is a browser-based portal that allows you to follow along on mobile or computer. We are currently working towards an app that we hope will have the ability to download courses for off-line viewing.

Can you show us a list of courses?

Please go HERE and take a look at what is currently available.

Are your courses industry recognized?

Right now the courses are designed to be short-sharp tutorials focused on specific and deep domain subjects. That being said, we are working to have all TD-iQ courses recognized and are in discussion with professional bodies at this time.

Can we get trial access?

Sorry no trial access is available for TD-iQ - however if you would like to see a sample course, then please do get in touch with us.

We have a large team - are there discounts?

Yes! We have a scaled pricing model and offer discounts for team access. Please let us know how many students would need access and we will work a best price for you.

How much does TD-iQ cost?

TD-iQ starts from just GBP 350, USD 460, EUR 420 (+ TAX and card handling fee if applicable) per person with discounts for larger teams and groups. (price correct at time of publishing)


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